Current PhD Students

  • Alireza Shefaei (Topic: Long-term water network infrastructure planning under uncertainty. Keys: Stochastic Optimisation, Reinforcement Learning, Agent based Approaches, Sept 2021-)

  • Ali Moradvandi (Topic: Advaced Control of Biological treatment processes. Keys: Nonlinear MPC, Switched Affine Systsems, ML based Model Identification, with Ralph Lindeboom and Bart de Schutter, Sept 2020-)

  • Ties vd Heijden (Topic: Optimal Control of Open Canal Systems with multiple electricity markets participation. Keys: machine learning (DL), data based models, electricity markets, uncertainty modelling, Stochastic MPC, Sept 2019-)

  • Chelsea Kaandorp (Topic: A Water-Energy Nexus Approach for the heat transition in Amsterdam: focusing on water, committed emissions and social innovation. Keys: Energy Transition, WEF Nexus, Mathematical Optimisation, Resource Footprints, Energy Justice, Sept 2018- )

  • Ja-Ho Koo (Topic: Robust Reservoir Control under under meteorological uncertainties. Keys: Stochastic MPC, RL, Data based modelling, with Andreja Jonoski and Dimitri Solomantine)

Past PhD candidates and Post Docs

For more details please also refer to Publications.